Wear Teal on Tuesday!

by - Friday, September 26, 2014

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Since I have been writing about Ovarian Cancer and the lack of awareness around it this week, I have really been obsessing over how we could raise awareness for this type of cancer. October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and things are already going up for it and about it (also, watch out for Susan G Komen, that foundation is sketch). I was talking to Shelly yesterday, and she noted that it can be frustrating that pink is EVERYWHERE in October, but just a month before she has trouble getting the word out about Ovarian Cancer. It makes her wonder why her mom doesn't get that same kind of support.

Rochelle and I talked a lot about the ALS challenge, and how we thought it was great that people did learn about the disease in the process of doing the kind of silly challenge. Even if no one donated a penny to Ovarian cancer this month, just raising awareness and knowledge about this cancer would be a huge victory. So that is what we are going to try to do.

Every Tuesday in September (obviously we are late for this year, so we will have to go big next Tuesday!), I am going to wear teal. I will post a picture of my awesome teal outfit here, on facebook, and on instagram with a fact about ovarian cancer. It's that simple. Since we only have 1 week to do it, I am really hopeful that you do this with me! If we can shine a light on Ovarian Cancer for one day (not to mention continue references from a ten year old movie), I think it will be a big victory. If you know Ann, or you know one of us who loves her, this is a fun way to show her some support! Next year, we will go bigger and do it every Tuesday in September, but I think there is no time like the present to kickstart it. It can be silly, or you can rock the best teal business in your wardrobe- there is no way to do this wrong!

So, everyone ready? Tuesday, September 30th, wear teal! Share your fancy duds and some knowledge about Ovarian Cancer! Help us to bring attention that may lead to earlier detection and a WAY lower mortality rate! September 30th! Tuesday! Teal! Join us!

I will remind you (I love a good reminder!), but everyone plan your duds now! This goes for the boys too!

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