Today's Inspiration- Maxime du Camp

by - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Do you ever read about early travel photographers and jut think we should all be traveling all the time, because contemporary travel's demands are so easy and cheap compared to what people went through to see the world? Go read about Maxime du Camp, who was pretty rich to begin with, and you will know exactly what I am talking about. He was one of the first to publish pictures of his travels in his travel books (I wonder what he would think of the world now).

 It took a whole team of people to create each of these images; they had their own tent to process the photographs and they basically learned exposure and timing through trial and error (gah, 19th c. photographers had it rough!). When Maxime du Camp began to sell these images, he became rich and famous overnight. Imagine that no one had ever seen photographic images of Egypt before, just drawings and paintings (now I wonder if the ubiquity of these images actually keeps people from going and experiencing the world themselves- it's not the same).

 This is some of his photography from Egypt.

Cidi's Tomb, Upper Egypt, around 1850- from

Abu Simbel, 1850- from

Untitled, 1849- from

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