September Gussing Up Inspiration and What Worked in August

by - Thursday, September 04, 2014

 September Gussing Up Inspiration

When you get to third trimester fashion ideas, you see a lot of things that basically just say get through it and wear whatever still fits, but I love the fall and layers, so I still want to enjoy it. Here are a few things I thought were cute-
 God bless Krista and her beautiful beautiful hair. I have been growing out my hair for childcare purposes, but these pictures make a powerful argument for pregnancy and bangs.
 Cotton maxi skirts and t-shirts may be the most comfy prego option without looking like you have given up completely, but I like efforts like Molly's to step it up just one more level. This looks like an actual outfit. I am going to work on this in September.

Excited for outfits like these (maybe less cheetah) because scarves make everything a little mor stepped up. My cousin wore a getup like this with leggings to the shower, and she looked adorable. This is how we are transitioning summer clothes into the fall (going to really try to avoid buying more clothes).

And What Worked in August

Man, looking right while prego is a moving target. I definitely got rounder this month, so I have to really work around the belly. This sunflower dress from Asos gets compliments basically every time I put it on, and it just makes me feel happy. It reminds me of things I wore as a kid, in a good way. On the other hand, it is puffy, so I look like a whole lot of woman, and it doesn't photograph all that well. These 2 pictures were taken a (very expanding) month apart, but you can't tell the difference. I imagine it will stay a staple until the parasite moves out.

  This dress, which was either from Old Navy or the Gap, feels like a t-shirt and looks pretty nice with pre-prego cardigans. It proved to be breezy for the hot weather, and I am not so big yet that I don't love the horizontal stripes.

 This orange dress (also from Asos) has turned out to be a real winner. I highly recommend buying their casual dresses, because they are comfy. My prego fashion all functions on 2 rules- 1. You have to cinch between the nunjas and the baby mountain (life is too short for mumus) and 2. don't get tricked into high necklines. They love selling dresses cut up to your neck, but a V or scoop makes all the difference when you are sort of stubby to begin with.

  I planned on wearing this burgundy number to our baby shower (I feel like it is really grown up looking for some reason), but the day before I saw the belt Aunt Rene made, and I wanted to really show it off.

 So I wore a teal maxi dress from target which had primarily served as everyday wear (it was already pilling from my computer bag and trips to COCA), No one seemed to mind. Looking at pictures, it may not have been the most flattering choice, but really the only way to look good all the time while prego is to never move you hands off the top and bottom of the belly. The color really highlighted the belt, which was always going to be the prettiest thing I wore anyway. It looked like my belly was exploding with life.

My tips for baby shower wear- just wear whatever you feel like you look good in and you know photographs well. And then just hold onto your belly for dear life.

 I also had to pick a dress for pictures, and I think this was my biggest fashion win for the month. The little floral print is nice, the v-neck looks pretty (though I could have ordered it in a slightly smaller size, and I think it photographed well. Also, the belt was probably my best purchase for the whole shebang, It makes everything look put together.

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