9 Things for the Weekend- Cotton, Shirley, Plastic Bins, and Primary Structures

by - Monday, September 01, 2014

1. Lemon Curd, but not lemon cake- I tried making lemon cake for our anniversary cake and I would describe it as not good. I mean, I know a cake is a failure if the Boy is in no hurry to eat it. The cake is thick and dry. Really, just not good at all. On the other hand, my first try at lemon curd turned out pretty well!

 Ceci n'est pas une Blague from ckcontemporary.com
Still Life with Judge, from artodyssey1.blogspot.com
2.Conor Walton- Favorite Genome for the day. At first, they look like pretty run of the mill still lives, but his paintings actually work like jokey Art History 001 Lessons. If I were still training to be faculty, he might be someone to put in my back pocket, though I have a sneaking suspicion he is an art history reject like myself. He does these strange allegorical paintings about all sorts of knowledge (particularly in the humanities), but the art historical ones are my favorite.

3. Cotton Anniversary Tent- I couldn't pull it together on my own, so the Boy helped when he got home from work. It was fun to build something together (I mean, after 11 years, acting like little kids can only be a good time and maturity has never been our strong suit). I made it with all things we had in our house (Command hooks don't work on our new walls! Problems waiting to happen), and we spent most of the weekend vegging out and watching Top Chef New Orleans to prep for our trip next weekend (we are eating at Commander's Palace! Crazypants!).
4. White lights- They make everything seem more special. We just keep pulling out these lights from our wedding supplies, and they up the effect every time. If you are planning a holiday/ anniversary/ just because surprise, throw some white lights up and it will step up your game big time.
5. Shirley- My favorite New Orleans Top Chef (seriously, this is all we did Friday and Saturday. I edited pictures and The Boy looked at computer parts. We can do a boring nesty weekend really well).
6. "Other Primary Structures" at the Jewish Museum- Just as I get to the point where I can't travel, they put on a show in New York City that I would give my left foot to see. So it goes. "Primary Structures" is one of my favorite historical exhibitions (I can list basically everything that was in it), and I am interested to see where contemporary minimalism is going, especially now with my current job. If you are anywhere near New York, let me know how it is!
7. Plastic bins- My current theory on adulthood is that no problem can't be solved by buying plastic bins. Our basement, the final frontier of horror, is finally in order, mostly thanks to a very big trip to Goodwill, another set of plastic bins, and 2 shelves. It doesn't scream beautiful, but it also is shaking off its fate as spider-covered catchall.
8. Painting- We are almost out of walls to paint, yet we still have a substantial collection of testers in our basement. I am plotting solutions to this problem, so no paint goes to waste. It may be time to paint the poles down there?
9. Curmudgucation on the Pretty Horrifying Anita Sarkessian harassment- You can read this here. I find the amount of harassment online totally mind-boggling and depressing, and hearing particular perspectives (like one adding this to the list of why women avoid STEM careers) can be helpful in trying to make sense of why ANYONE would be so angry and cowardly as to spend their time harassing women online. I am still trying to figure out why someone would put rape gifs on jezebel (and why gawker would allow it for so long). I also wonder a lot if there is something we can all be doing collectively to fight back harder on this? I know people don't want to make themselves targets, but I am happy to see it when another big online presence talks about how fucked up it is.

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