6 Things for the Past 2 Days- Planned Parenthood, Petey. and a Dream Realized

by - Friday, September 12, 2014

1. Planned Parenthood will be offering counseling and birth control online- Bless you and amen. This is a big victory, because if women need non-judgemental help, nothing should stop us from helping them. I say this as a feminist and a Christian. Women have the right to make their choices, and to make choices that are different from what I would make. My only job is to love them, and to me, that means making sure they can get whatever help they need. Any way that Planned Parenthood can get around these nasty people who try to deny women, health, help, and choices is alright with me.

2. Getting my blood taken 4 times without passing out- I was pumped about it. I am also grateful I got to sort of share my medical morning with my Aunt Ann, because nothing puts your own temporary inconvenience into perspective like comparing it to the total courage and badassery needed to do chemo. Not to mention patience. Again and again for 2 yearsI am all proud of myself for a few little pricks while she faces down hours of her chemo treatment. That woman is amazing.

3. That having it all together time that will never come- This is being a parent right? Never getting things off your list? Hopefully this weekend will bring things back into a more timely place. I apologize to loyal readers.

4.  That this boy is 7- How did this happen? Lots of people are mourning on September 11th, but it is also a big day of celebration for us. Basically, one of my favorite people in the universe was born and I am so glad that I get to be his Aunt. 7 freaks me out, because toddler sweetness is gone and you are really just a kid. But Petey is still a sweetie and hilarious.And committed to Minecraft.

5. This- I have hated the whole nude picture debacle, and I kind of wanted to just ignore it completely because giving some disgusting pervert/ criminal the attention he is working for felt counterproductive.

6. "The recovery is a dream realized"- This is one of my favorite speeches about it, still. I hope everyone had a good day of service yesterday and can keep the spirit of that day going in the upcoming weeks.

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