6 Things for the Last Two Days

by - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eeep! I have been a bit of a blogging slouch lately. I am trying to build up my genoming time/ efficiency for work. When I started, I could do about 30 works in a day. Yesterday, I did 130 in a day, so I am getting there. The goal is to be up to 200 before the baby comes, so I can still be a somewhat useful employee while working from home and learning to be a parent. I know its ambitious/ wishful thinking/ ridiculous, but I can believe whatever I want right now, so there.

Here are some things for Monday and Tuesday that were awesome:

1. The Members Show at COCA- I didn't know what to expect from this, because I have never heard of a members show for a gallery like this, and as you might imagine, the work displays a pretty wide range of interests and expertise, but some of it is really really great. I am sad we missed the opening last week due to our various other dramas, but I am excited to be part of such an interesting organization with a super rich history.

2. Discussion of banning selfies in art museums- Loyal readers now that I generally support taking self-portraits, but they have caused some major problems and damage in art museums. More and more museums are beginning to discuss how to selfie-ban, and I have to say, there is some wisdom to this.  I also wonder if establishing this rule could help museum visitors think about what it is they are looking at in a museum- how is an art object different from a celebrity? Or is it not? I look forward to reading more about this debate.

3. Raw broccoli- My current favorite thing. Well, maybe second to raw garlic, which I continue to nibble on while sous cheffing until I give myself heartburn (I am comforted that Melissa also does this, and it supposedly is a thing for people who have teeth pain). Broccoli is certainly less offensive and it just tastes so fresh, so I am currently obsessed.

4. Re-conceiving war: Stopping a cycle of violence depends on how we prioritize it- by Lauren Wolfe. A short, intelligent, and very difficult read on rape as a regular part of war violence. This article breaks my heart, but I needed to read it to remember just how prevalent (and personal) this problem is and has been historically.

from www.booooooom.com
5. Michael Kagan- This might be the most dude-ish artist I have ever pimped on this blog, but I like that he makes giant paintings of astronauts actually look really pretty. Like if a post-impressionist painted space. Anyway, he was probably my favorite artist from work yesterday. No Wayne White, but it will take a long time to top him.

6. The rain- Fall is here in Seattle, and I am not sad about it. This is my favorite season, and I am ready for layers and not having to feel bad not really enjoying being outside. The jury is out on how much the leaves change here, but I will let you know as I can tell.

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