6 Things- David Wain Trauma, Walk to End Alzheimer's, and Miller's Guild Bread

by - Sunday, September 21, 2014

1. Shutterfly matte-finish books- We got our Year 11 book this week, and I splurged on a matte cover for it. They are so pretty. I love the way it looks.
2.  The White House PSA against Sexual Assault- I am just so glad that this issue is getting so much cultural traction right now, and I hope the efforts continue until it doesn't have to be such a big thing (in case this is not clear to you, now is not that time. If you haven't noticed, it is a hard and dangerous time to be a woman, especially a woman of color, in this country). If you are looking for a way to help, one simple step is to tell those pesky alumni associations for basically whatever university you went to that you won't give them money until you see some demonstrable efforts to rectify the situation ("But, but, Penn State has the largest Alumni Association in the world!"). Write a letter and get creative!
3. Surviving the trauma of "They Came Together"- Wow, that movie was stupid. I picked it because we should have loved it- Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler! A Comedy making fun of romantic comedies! But their send up felt tired, as if they haven't seen any romantic comedies since Nora Ephron. Maybe it just feels like the whole genre is so tired that some of the tropes they took aim at (montages! Trying on clothes! Love proclamations) have all been done before, and without creepy moments about having sex with your grandma. I do have to say, I give them credit for committing, and I still laughed. But not enough. Not enough.

4. Seattle's Walk to End Alzheimer's- We walked for our third time, but this was the first time we did it in Seattle! It was a little bit smaller, and they seemed unprepared for the size of the crowd (they kept running out of things), but we still enjoyed it! The best part is that their finish line is across this cute little bridge in South Lake Union Park, which is pretty cool!)

5. Miller's Guild Bread-  We had Miller's Guild brisket (ok, the Boy did) at Taste of Seattle, and he loved it, so we decided to try it this weekend as our being adventurous (trying to get back to that!). We were expecting a kind of barbeque place, but it was inside a W hotel, so it was exceptionally fussy and super butch manly. Like Dude Fancy. Based on that theme, the food was mostly meat, but they had two fish options. Everything was good, but Toulous Petit stands as our favorite expensive Seattle restaurant, and we are still looking for good cheap/ middle of the road options. My favorite part was the bread which they serve in a big skillet thing, which is pretty cool.
6. The Third Series of Sherlock Holme's- It basically feels like the makers of the show watched Psych over the hiatus. Two episodes in, everyone seems to be having way more fun, and if you are going to be a little bit sexist, better to have a certain air of irony around you. It also seemed much more meta, like it has internalized and responded to its fandom. I like Mary a lot, and I thought the wedding episode was the most fun one ever. So I am not hating watching it, like I suspected I would because I hated most of Series 2. I feel too like if you can't continue the incredible freshness of the first season, you are better off messing with the tone than trying to constantly up the stakes. It leaves you with no where to go. Anyway, the Boy won this weekend for picking our late night viewing.

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