5 Things for the Last Two Days

by - Saturday, September 27, 2014

1. Terry Crews on Huff Post Live about being a feminist and aggression/anger in sports- First of all, I mostly really really hate Huff Post Live, so I am glad I actually sat through this one to hear what he had to say. The article underneath focused on his soundbites about the amount of anger necessary to be a good football player and the way the sport encourages abuse/ alienation. All of this is well and good, but I was more encouraged to hear his criticism of how professional sports treat women as second class citizens and how he self-identifies as a feminist (if you don't think this is hard to do, you can actually see this big guy be kind of scared to say it and then go for it).

I am convinced that Terry Crews and Chris Pratt are in some sort of secret competition of dude's dudes who feminists freaking love. Tom Hiddleston is also in that game, and the post of his HeforShe support is also doing the rounds on Pinterest. I love that this is even a thing now, but seriously, how much cuter are men who openly respect women? Well-played, gentlemen.

2.  People who are going to get an A plus at parenting- Ack. We should have been those people, and yet, we do not show up for our various parenting classes and events with prepared questions and a strong sense of what the goal is. So far, we have left everyone mostly reflecting on how stupid we are and how little we know about this business. But I have now met plenty of soon to be moms who are going to be awesome at baby-parenting. My goal is that our spawn survives to toddlerhood. 

3. Flying Squirrel Pizza- Particularly, their cheesy bread. Oh to be pregnant and not have to feel so bad eating cheesy bread. We have our delivery pizza place, which is pretty obviously owned by Greek people, and I am pretty sure Flying Squirrel is run by a large pack of waspy hipsters, because all of their servers make me feel tragically uncool. Also, this is the only restaurant I know of that has Ron Swanson as Hans Solo as one of the decorations on the wall. I wanted to take a picture of it, but there were people right there, and I feel like that creeps them out.  I asked for it for Christmas.

4. Catching up with people- Yesterday was one of those days where I heard from a bunch of our California friends on facebook and on the phone. I loved hearing how they were doing and catching up with their lives, though it did make me miss living there (who would have guessed that would ever happen)!

5. All the hype for the opening of Chicago- If you live anywhere near Franklin, PA, go see this production (which I hear is awesome) at the Barrow Civic Theater. Do it for this beached whale and her adorable anchor of a fetus. I love that even on Facebook, you can really see how much people support each other and these shows in our small town!

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