3 Things I am Grateful for Today- Kathleen Hanna, Jenny Bickel, and Power Sanders

by - Sunday, September 14, 2014

from blog.kexp.org
1. The Punk Singer- Sini Anderson's documentary about Kathleen Hanna is a cool and cursory look into one of the biggest badasses of third wave feminism and the illness that has kept her from being as active and visible in the last few years. Hanna puts herself out in a shockingly vulnerable way, and some of the footage of her fighting lime disease is horrible and oddly romantic. I am not sure the documentary does its rich subject justice, but I definitely feel like I know more about her and have been feeling that lingering guilt in the face of feminist awesomeness all day, so the documentary is clearly doing something right.

2. Pictures by Jenny Bickel- When we were home for the shower, my wonderful ad super talented friend Jenny took some prego pictures for us. We got them back (so fast! we aren't used to that), and despite our deep commitment to awkwardness, they came out looking beautiful. If you are in the Franklin area and want portraits of any kind taken, I highly recommend Jenny, who is wonderful, hardworking, quick, and able to make us look somewhat serene. Check her pictures out here.

3. Power Sanders- This hit me like a lightning bolt. How could I have been so wrong all these years and projects sanded by hand? The speed has changed my life. I will refinish anyone's furniture now, just ask.

Bonus- This lady's birthday. She is just the best, and she teaches amazing lessons about the power of faith, positivity, and gratitude. No other birthday fills me with such happiness, and I can't wait to celebrate her next birthday cancer-free!

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