3 Favorite Pieces at the Olympic Sculpture Park

by - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

On Labor Day, we finally made our first trip to the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, which is often mentioned as one of the best sculpture parks in the United States. It did not disappoint, as it boasts many of the big names in monumental sculpture (Richard Serra, Mark Di Suvero, etc) and a really thoughtful and fun design. The park is situated right between Seattle Center and the waterfront, and it smartly interacts with both.

1. Eagle- Alexander Calder- The sculpture looks is pretty great on its own, but its placement in the park and interaction with the space needle, the park space, and the visitors (who can sit all around it in matching chairs) seems totally sweet and fantastic. It feels like an iconic placement within the park, and the qualities of the sculpture came to good curatorial use.

1.5. Michael Heizer- Adjacent, Against, Upon- 1976- Apparently, we had ventured all the way into Myrtle Edwards Park, but I couldn't leave this off the list, because I was so excited to see a Heizer being cold and unruly in the flesh. Residents weren't pleased with this multiple behemoth sculpture when they first installed it, but I think it is one of the biggest gems not in the sculpture park.

2. Split- Roxy Paine- We walked past this on entering without realizing we were looking at a tree made of steel, and only on our way out did it catch our eye. Usually, you think of outdoor art as asserting itself more fully as not of the landscape, but this attempts to blend in.

3. Eye Benches I, II, III around the Father and Son Fountain- Louise Bourgeois- To be honest, I did not love this fountain, but I was excited to see some of her biomorphic benches sat around it. Perfect place to take a little break, and apparently they have been the closest to car-caused disaster of anything in the park. Oh Louise, you are such a risky badass.

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