3 Favorite Artists from Yesterday's Super Genoming

by - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yesterday, all I did was hang out on Artsy and try to get to a thousand artworks genomed (my monthly goal- I was around 200 short). I finally think I am figuring out how to step it up and get moving.

from womenspiritualpoetry.blogspot.com
1. Alyscia Cunningham's portraits of women of all ages- Gah, I love these. Please don't judge her off this kind of jank reproduction. This artist is still early in her career, but I think her work is both beautiful and really smart. Check it out.
from www.en.cas.uni-muenchen.de
2. George Kuettinger's (manipulated) panoramic landscapes- The artist takes photographs of landscapes over time and from different angles, then splices them together to make these gorgeous (but ultimately false) panoramic landscapes.

from www.re-title.com

from awesomeinsf.com

from badatsports.com
3. Michael Scoggins' oversized notes- The artist does huge scale versions of the kinds of materials I too made (when I was in third grade). The results are funny, but they also comment on American culture, what we represent to our children, and how we all learn to interact with each other.

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