Today's Inspiration- Etruscan Scarcophagus

by - Sunday, August 10, 2014

This week is about planning for our anniversary, so my art inspiration will be a little sweeter for a few days. It may not seem super romantic at first, but there is a brief(ish, maybe a century or two) of Etruscan sarcophagus  figures who are embracing in these really sweet, strange ways. It's as if they wanted to eternally remember themselves as master spooners. Here's a few:

This is the most famous, sometimes known as the "sarcophogus of the spouses from 520 BC, which is made of terra cotta.

This one is a horrible image of my favorite of these lids (there really are many). It is usually titled "Married Couple Embracing" from between 350-300 BC. It lives in Boston, so we have seen them in person.  They're sweetness is great, but I think my favorite thing is that she seems so much taller than him, as if it is honest to their living physical presence.

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