Today's Inspiration- Cayce Zavaglia

by - Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zavaglia may top the list of my absolute favorite discoveries since I started genoming for Artsy (I am up to genoming about 100 artworks a day, so I am seeing an awful lot)! Cayce Zavaglia makes portraits, mostly of individuals, with embroidery thread. It may not sound like the most rigorous or complex methodology (it sounds very folksy DIY), but take a look at the finished product. They are not only gorgeous (do they kind of remind you of the texture on van Gogh self-portraits- not that modern but so beautiful) but incredibly impressive in their technical mastery and understanding of the different textures on the human body. They just look so real, like a Chuck Close portrait done in string.

Not all are of children, but I liked this example from the Colossal, because you can see the back of her canvas and the detail of her work. I am totally obsessed, so I hope you like her work as well. Go look at more.




You can also see a video about her process here.

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