Today's Inspiration (And my New Favorite Thing)- The Public Art Archive

by - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I happened onto the Public Art Archive just looking around at art installations in small towns. You can browse all sorts of amazing projects on this site, which intends to collect information about and to raise the visibility of public art (I love the idea of raising the visibility of something that is already public, but there are probably so many things we miss without it). Here is just one piece I saw and really liked:

Fruits of Knowledge in Rosemont, Minnesota- from
 You can browse by artist, collection, or location, so if you are visiting somewhere, you can find what is on display in that city. The collective is also open to new submissions, so if you are from a less populous area but know you have public art that belongs on the map, put it there!

You can read their tumblr here or check out their website here.

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