Fashion Inspiration for August and What Worked in July

by - Wednesday, August 06, 2014

August Fashion Inspiration- Enjoying the Bumps

Since this month will be the start of my 6th month in Pregoville, I want to enjoy the maternity clothes before the phase where most pregnant women seem to just be proud of themselves for not being naked. We are in full bump mode now, but I also still feel good, so August is the month I hopefully get to enjoy the summeriness and the pregoness (looking forward to September and layers too!)Here are some ideas I currently love:

I am still very into skirts and maxi skirts, because they seem so summery, but I have to keep playing with how to pull them off as my proportions change. 

 I love the little tie. Might try this idea.

This is my absolute favorite thing I have seen. How cute and summery does she look? Will be trying something similar hopefully this month, though without heels because I am not crazy. I do love this though. What it must be like to be this cool.

I love this look because it looks so professional. Again with the high heels! I would like to believe these fashion blogger ladies wear these shoes just as long as it takes to photograph them.

I also have to figure out what to wear to my baby shower. There seems to be no set rules for this, but I want to look pretty anyway.
 Most of what you can find looks a little like this, which is a lot of angelic aura for me. Also, for those who are curious, Pregos put their hands there because she looks like a tent without it. Your whole body just becomes the world's most spacious home for your newly ginormous boobs. Just belt things.
I am thinking something more like this, with a pretty print and lots of color. I don't know who did her makeup, but I hope she paid them a lot of money, because this girl looks gorgeous.

Lastly, I am really still lusting after maternity overalls, even though I don't really love how even tall beautiful models look in them. Still, it's cute, right?

This lady looks adorable, but I think I would look like a pumpkin thieving farmer. Edgy, but perhaps not great for an archivist in a metropolitan area.

What Worked in July- Ladies Be Exploding

I started the month still looking pregnant only sometimes, but I finally got to spend the month playing with maternity clothes and trying to make it look pretty. This is all I have of what I wore on Fourth of July- a dress that was a gift from my Aunt Ann! I like the look, though I am now completely convinced that pregos should never go without a belt. Don't tent yourself.

When Paggy and Amanda came mid way through the month, I tested out some new ideas and retried some old ones. The blue jeans on the left (from a pea in the pod) are the best thing I have bought myself through the whole pregnancy. I feel like mu butt actually still looks really good in them, which is a miracle when you think about it. The dress on the right was a buy from Modcloth. I have loved my maxi dresses, but this one does not stretch for prego-sized nunjas.

We have landed in the phase where things do look better belted and tight. It seems counter intuitive, but there is no hiding your new width, and efforts to do so only make me look wider. I highly recommend simple tight t-shirts, a great pair of (STRETCHY) jeans, and to not be too quick retiring your pre-pregnancy clothes. I find I like the results when I dress like I am proud of my bump much bette.

I had to decide what to wear to my class reunion this month, and I was lucky to have Jenny's input. I am not sure I nailed it (time for a haircut), but I am glad I went the tight, black, and long route, because at least I didn't look too in every direction. Plus, by halfway it's better to just put it out there than try to make it a secret.

Also, I got these shoes which make me smile. Shoes might be an unwise investment, since supposedly my feet are going to explode at some point and never recover, but if you aren't feeling so cute elsewhere, I think shoes can really help. Especially with pandas on them.

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