A Bunch of Things for our Visit and Visitors

by - Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Ah boy, so I also wrote 9 things for our trip to Baltimore on the plane back, but it disappeared when the computer decided to reboot (probably revenge of the various updates I consistently ignore and avoid). Since I already stood so far behind, things only worsened with my Mom's visit, because I anticipate free time, and I am always wrong. So I will just mention a bunch of things I have been thankful for in the last handful of days, and hopefully we can stay on track from here on out.

 1. Minted- We used this printing press for our Save the Dates, even though it felt a bit fancypants for us, and they came out very cool. I haven't bought anything from there since, but we finally splurged on this map print, and it came bent. I wrote them to let them right before we left for Baltimore, and a new print was waiting for s when we came home. The art they sell on this website is so beautiful and original, so even if you can't spend a ton of money on cards, check it out for the prints and support some independent designers.

2. Poets and Busboys- The Boy's friend Jim took us to one of these Washington DC independent bookstores/restaurants/brunch heavens. I had the best crab cake sandwich ever. Just ever. Fresh, with big chunks of crab and fresh delicious produce. If you are brunching in DC, you have to try this restaurant. But even more exciting was the store upfront, where they had a really interesting collection of political, educational, and children's books. I wanted to buy so many things, especially children's books about Ida B. Wells and race. I know that these kinds of political bookstores, especially ones with a multi-lingual selection, are becoming more and more of a rarity, so it just felt special and wonderful. They even had a Freire book I have been looking for a while! The whole space was unapologetically liberal and some of the issues they raised felt especially poignant considering the recent treatment of all of those children. For goodness sake, they had one of my favorite Zora Neal Hurston quotes in the menu! Jim always takes us interesting places, but this may have been my favorite ever.

3. Street Art Diptych Wisdom- My favorite section is "Travel but don't rely on travel alone to make you interesting. I've met well-travelled insufferable bores and homebodies who were absolutely fascinating" TRUTH. I also loved the combination of the two pieces, though I am not sure whether they were meant to pair together or not.

4. Chicken Pot Pie- I love those days where the food stars just line up. We had two of my favorite meals of the whole year in one day. Princess Hess served us one of the pies Lady (that is what she calls her mother, I love it) made her. It was AWESOME. I am not sure I ever expected to lust after chicken pot pie, but I will be thinking about this pie for a really long time.

5. A Visit that wasn't Completely Packed- I know Countess Kriebel felt slightly guilty that she couldn't take us around Baltimore, but we actually enjoyed having a more laid-back visit, because usually we show up, run all over creation until we are absolutely ragged, and run back out. We just got to spend time watching Food Network, cuddling their super fresh baby, and marveling at their early parenting skills. We even got to go back to our hotel at a chill time and spend some actual time together- that never happens on our trips! I was grateful that she and Brandon were such gracious hosts and didn't mind us being in their space. Nothing like any of our previous Vienna reunions, but I kind of loved that no one was getting pissed at us or disappointed in us and we got to actually rest. The best thing we could do is not wear out our welcome. How do other people find balance when they visit people? Is there a secret we don't know?

6. Crab Picking- They bought like two dozen crabs and we slowly worked our way through most of them. Does anyone know what the mustard looking stuff inside is? It is gross, but it was fun to pick and chat for a while, and we weirdly got to be present for Lexi losing her umbilical cord at the same time. Ah miracles, they are mostly super gross. Much like the mustard stuff inside of blue crabs.

7. Swimming with Riley- I finally got to go swimming for the first time this summer, and it was wonderful. Even better, my 4-year-old hotel pool mate, in floaties and goggles, who had all sorts of tricks to show me. She could whack her face into the water or whack the back of her head into the water. Perhaps this will turn into a flip in the future? Still, she was pretty talented, and she wanted everybody to know about it.

8. The Power of a Hilarious Travel Partner at 5 AM- The Boy was mad we didn't see Don Cheadle at the Burger King in the Baltimore Airport. Even angrier, there isn't a Burger King in the Baltimore Airport. How would he begin his Cat Pack with Don, Patrick Stewart, and MC Scat Cat? It is like the Rat Pack, but more horrifying to all the people standing near us in the Southwest Baggage Check line.It was fun to be happy and giggling in a see of zombie travelers.

9. Glidden Paint- So much better than Behr, in my opinion, because it goes on thicker. We only used one coat of Icy Teal to cover the whole room, and I think it looks quite nice. I am excited about it.

10. Visits from my Mom!- She and her husband came to stay with us for a few days, paint a room teach me to hem curtains, and to go to a doctor's visit. I am so happy when she is around, because she cracks me up and just makes herself at home. Plus, we haven't exactly conquered the homeowner schtick, so her advice and Scott's help really makes a huge difference. I was proud to have her come visit a second time because she could see the progress we made.

12. How many people started the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge with Us- I know we are late to this game, but I am excited to share the experience with some of my friends and family. I think everyone would feel genuine joy if they were constantly on the lookout for something that makes them happy everyday. I feel like the challenge is a covert exercise in gratitude, and we could all use more of that. I mean, we should be grateful that we can even prioritize our own happiness, not just worry about our safety or survival!

from http://elitedaily.com/news/world/
13. The Penis Running Lady- In general, I admire long distance running, though I would never ever want any part in it myself. Finally, someone has found a use for the sport I can really get behind, as it displays equal parts commitment and immaturity.I also love that part of her running route is right by where I worked in San Francisco. I want to believe I saw her on her phallic journey once upon a time. I know, what a dreamer.

11. Did I mention family visits? We have been so lucky to have both sets of my parents visit us in the last month. I love having them here!

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