9 Things for this Weekend- Artnet Tumblrs, GinnyPenny, and Seattle Pops

by - Sunday, August 10, 2014

1. Seattle Poster Art- I met with a veteran Seattle writer to talk about CoCA's participation in the art and music scene in Seattle in the late 70's and 80's, and I got to hear all about the poster and rock culture in the city, not to mention a bunch of crazy performances and events that took place in that period. I left the meeting feeling so motivated and inspired to continue working through this history and really diving into the amazing archive. It was just another day where I felt excited about the work I was doing, which is a huge blessing all on its own right now.

2. Artnet tumblr watch- they find every hilarious art history-related tumblr out there. I don't even have to try. If you want to be consistently amused by art historical backgrounds to Beyonce lyrics, rap lyrics, Beyonce faces, purses, etc, try following them on Facebook.

3. GinnyPenny- My current favorite Etsy shop. Keep wanting to buy one of these adorable felt robots, but its a difficult purchase to justify with any sort of practical reasoning.

4. Bruschetta- Tried out a new recipe last night to accodmodate a friend who doesn't like onion or garlic (how tragic is that?). Just grilled bread (no garlic rub), tomato, lots of basil, parmesan cheese, oil and vinegar. It was so fresh and yummy.

5. King of Tokyo- Fun, simple game. It reminded me of Zombie dice, which was the big winner at Christmas, but in this version, The Boy gets to refer to himself as The Kracken the whole time. Fun was had by all, though the girl we don't really know won every time, so she probably had the most fun.

6. Ruby- My current favorite church lady. Ruby has it going on, though she seems to never be high, which makes me miss our favorite California church lady, Julie. I like the crowd Episcopal churches bring in. Also, they auctioned off the chance to pick the hymns today (no really, they did) and the winner of the auction picked the greatest combo of Episco-jams ever. Plus, her name is Ruby.

7. Fremont Sunday Shopping- In Fremont on Sundays, they have a miniature Applefest with lots of antiques. Since carrying spawn has made us antiquers (I know, it makes no sense), we decided to check it out. I loved it. I wanted to buy everything. This store sells broken pocket watches and typewriter key bracelets. It also has teeny tiny little gears which The Boy thought would be great, but their teeniness makes me nervous.

8. Seattle Pops- We have seen the stand for these at our farmers' market, and today was so hot we had to go for it. They were AMAZING. The Boy got a lime Popsicle and I ate a peach one. These use local ingredients and just generally feel fancy (I mean, this isn't a trend yet, is it?), but they just taste delicious and sweet and COLD, so they win. It is freaking hot here today.
9. Invasion of the Body Snatchers- A total lack of special effects, and this movie destroys a lot of contemporary science fiction by just being genuinely scary. Plus, lots of sexy banter for 1956. This one recently landed on Netflix, so check it out before they replace it with the 1978 version.

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