8 Things for the Last Three Days

by - Friday, August 22, 2014

1.   Just that feeling of knowing that we will be home in 24 hours- It just makes me so happy and peaceful to know that home is closeby. Well, it is 14 hours from door to door closeby, but the promise and joy of a plane ticket won’t be denied. It’s always nice to talk with the Boy about what we want to make sure we do, who we get to see. In some ways, I am just excited to walk down Liberty Street and feel like I belong in the world I am in. 
2.   Power-packing- It takes us less than a half hour to pack at this point, we set out options, the other person helps with picking, and we pack everything up. I love that we have the whole thing down to a fine art (packing suitcases inside of suitcases, knowing where everything goes, etc) because I know this routine is about to get rocked forever, and it will probably never be as easy to pack again (at least not for a long time.

from http://www.theartnewspaper.com/articles/Artists-fight-violence-against-women-in-Egypt/33419
3. The artists fighting violence against women in Egypt- I read about these paintings in Egypt here. Street art historically has had huge political impact, and I really admire this articular dissent (can you believe that 99% of women in Egypt have been harassed? And since 2011, they have had a huge hike in sexual violence. Horrible). You can find more of these images with minimal poking around, but I am just grateful such courageous people are fighting this trend.
4. How much Bumbo Baby loves orange soda- I gave up pop 2 years ago, but I still treat myself with pop for getting on another airplane when it makes me so nervous. Because the Baby isn’t used to drinking sugary cold thins, he keeps bouncing around as he feels the sugar high. I kind of imagine Andy Dwyer in the back of the stakeout van, except that van is my uterus.
5. The Franklin, PA Dairy Queen- They haven't redone the signs since I was a kid, but what makes this institution truly special is the airplane dining room set. You can sit on the wings or in the plane while you eat your blizzard! Just the coolest. It's a gem, even if they didn't hire me, but immediately hired the Boy the second he applied.
6.Rolling through like 7 ALS Ice Bucket Challenges in one night- We did the challenge right before we came home and challenged the Boy and my siblings. His brother, mom, sister-in-law, father, nephew, and niece all did it last night in a chain of challenges, and some of the videos were pretty funny. My favorite part was watching them watch the fails together and laughing. It was nice to have a positive and relaxed night in my in-laws new house. Making memories there already!

7. Jenny Bickel Photography- All of these pictures are from her website. My friend Jenny has started her own photography business relatively recently, and her photographs are completely gorgeous. She took pictures of The Boy and I and Shelly and I today, and I know they will turn out as well as they can considering how awkward we are.  But seriously, her pictures are super beautiful, and if you live in Pennsylvania, you should check out http://www.jennybickelphotography.com/.
8. Seeing all Four of my Grandparents in the Same Hour- This is one of the biggest blessings ever, that once I am in the vicinity, I can see so many of the people I love all in the same day. Also, eat at Leonardo's twice.

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