6 Things for the Last Two Days

by - Saturday, August 16, 2014

1. The Birdcage- Man, Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, your son is kind of an asshole. What the hell is he and Callista's problem? Still, this movie is really funny, and Williams performance in it is warm, comforting, and quietly funny. I have been netflixing the crap out of him (me and everyone else I am sure), and I have been enjoying/ feeling very sad about how incredibly talented he was. Lots of comedians have very sad underbellies, that has been discussed at length the last few days. Not many comedians have the courage to tap into that sadness to act in dramas as well. Not to mention, this guy became famous for being crazy, zany, and loud, but he still had the courage to give quiet performances and to be the straight man.

Andrea Way, Nebular Hypothesis, 2004. from http://www.american.edu/cas/museum/gallery/andrea-way-retrospective.cfm
2. Andrea Way- My favorite find from genoming the last two days. I love discovering new artists (new to me at least) as a large part of this new job. I will keep passing a long cool things I am seeing as I go.
3. This article- I have been thinking a lot about early education after reading about the kindergarten problem on Curmudgucation. I also read on Washington Post this week that children in the US are actually less likely to be in pre-schools or early education problems than children in most other countries (I think the one they specifically compared us to was Mexico). I personally do not believe in homeschooling at all(I could talk plenty about this, it may be the only parenting issue that I feel really strongly about, but want to be respectful of friends who plan to do it), but I never thought much about the value of pre-school both in my own family life and on a more global scale. This is making me rethink the importance of preschool as an available option to everyone.
4. The Boy Working from Home- Yesterday, we got the electricity in our backyard worked out (bwahaha one more thing off the list!). I liked the electrician well enough, but I also love when every so often The Boy is here to deal with the newest dude spending the day in our house. This is the strangest side effect of moving/ homeowning that no one really mentions- you just have strangers in your space all the time for months.
5. Clementines- I love these tiny oranges, and that every time we buy them, there are different brands of them to choose from. I think the ones we have now are called sweethearts, so like sweeties, which were like cuties. They may actually be getting more serious? More Southern? What does the word sweetheart bring to mind?
6.My new keds! Continuing my lifelong quest to just become my Grammy. The Boy thinks she actually has the same pair of shoes. Anyway, I feel like I should be trying to take better care of my feet and ankles so they don't explode to much in the next few months, so this is the closest I will get to tennis shoes. I would walk the neighborhood barefoot, but we don't have sidewalks, just gravel, and that might be tough even on my Hobbit feet.

Can I also say, on a totally unrelated note, that the police chief in Ferguson seems like the shistiest shister ever? Trying to paint some picture where this very young man, Michael Brown, was robbing a store when he was approached for JAYWALKING? This kind of inflammatory nonsense, which tries to blame the victim and to take the focus away from his ridiculous force is just disgusting. The turn around in Ferguson, thanks to bringing an entirely different police force and leader in, can still only be temporary when this is the kind of information (and the total lack of accountability is shocking as well- how delusional is this man?) is all they are willing to give. It is time to make some concessions and some freaking apologies. What you and your officer did was incredibly racist and wrong. The police chief just seems to be the worst kind of man.

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