30 Day Lady Positivity Challenge- Day 26

by - Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 26- Someone with great hair.- Ellen and basically all the women on the Boy's Italian side of the family (Corinne, Concetta, and Angela)

Alright, we are reaching the end of this challenge (at least almost! It is getting close!), so now I have the huge challenge that there are still so many beautiful women I know who I haven't had the chance to talk about. Please don't get offended if you haven't been mentioned yet- you are all gorgeous! Because this one doesn't take a ton of rumination (I mean, great hair is a tough metaphor for character), I am going to talk about 4 different women who all have amazing hair. Lesson to be learned- there is a lot of gorgeous hair in the world.

 First up is Ellen, one of the grads in my cohort at Stanford. Ellen has basically perfect hair, and she has a pretty unique set of genetic characteristics. I remember my first conversation with Ellen was a few weeks before we went to China with our cohort (hardest trip of my life, and it didn't exactly get better. This is two months later when I sprained my ankle).  Ellen and I came into Stanford at the same time, and she was one of the easiest people to talk to in my cohort.

 Ellen is very beautiful, but more importantly, she is like an efficient robot of chaos. While I can barely manage my one thing at a time life, she is getting a PhD, working at a startup, and running a triathalon all at the same time (she ran the Boston marathon this year). In some ways, her crisp black curls tell her story perfectly- she is that chaos and softness of curly hair, yet she always looks completely crisp, put together, and on point. She is a few years older than me, but even when she doesn't have it all together (because she has a thousand balls in the air), she has it all together. This woman always looks beautiful.

 Also amazing is that Ellen can bounce back and forth between long shoulder length hair, like she did when we met, and super short curls. I think she looks amazing with super short hair, which is why she was the first person I thought of for this category. Her short hair is so feminine and tough at once, which fits, because she is the badass robot of efficiency and progress. She also has incredible flexibility, so she can fit in with a solid variety of people. She always has a long line of guys wanting to hang out with her, and its amazing how different they have been, but it just shows her social flexibility.

 Like so many pinstraight haired girls, I have major curly hair envy. If I had curly hair, it would be so hard for me to cut it short, but Ellen proves that this is a pretty genius route for style. Her short hair just adds to her clean, well-designed, and thoughtfully effortless aesthetic. She is just way cooler than the rest of us.

 So here's to you, Ellen, for being the ultimate machine of a woman, for having more muscles in one arm than I will have in my life, for mastering the power nap, for always having a million things to say, for often being the smartest person in the room, for making it look nearly effortless, for having great style, for being willing to take risks, for belonging in California (but toughing it out all in the name of academia), and for having to die for hair. 

 Second is basically every woman on The Boy's Italian side of the family. They have the opposite kind of gorgeous from Ellen- the have thick, seemingly endless, dark amazing hair. They all have model hair in the best way.I pray for the sake of our children they get the thick dark Alfeo hair, because it is just beautiful and always serves them well. I dare you to find a bad picture of these people, where their hair isn't the best looking thing you have seen all day. Again, they are all this way, but I will just list three of the best examples.

 Corinne and Angela come from a really beautiful pack of people, and they are both just genuinely attractive people. They also seem to have the whole style, makeup, put together thing under control. I remember when I first met them (at Peepa's first communion, so 10+ years ago), I thought they were The Boy's cool older cousins. They are 3 and 6 years younger than I am. But they have just always had this beautiful grown up air about them, that still makes me feel intimidated when they are around. They just seem cool and grown up (also, they are both hilarious, but I didn't learn that until later). They can come off as kind of quiet or serious, but I think they are both actually super funny and honest. I really like how honest they are.

As I previously mentioned, they also have perfect hair. They both always have perfect really full looking gorgeous hair. They have the hair beauty queens want, but they don't have to be fake or belabored about it.

 The Boy's Aunt Concetta (great name, right?) and her daughters also have that same thick dark hair. I am sure part of my being impressed is just complete jealousy over the general beauty they were born with. Concetta has that same seemingly reserved personality (as do her daughters, who both also have supermodel hair), then you get her talking and she can be really funny and sassy. I love hearing she and her kids be chatty, because they are so funny and blunt. Concetta also has one of those marriages where she and her husband still seem to really like each other, which I just find really sweet.

Concetta has the best hair of the whole beautifully-follicled bunch, in my opinion, because she has a white streak in it. Both The Boy and his brother have the little white patch, but since their hair is short, you don't see how beautiful the white silveryness can be in the see of black hair. The color is just so pretty, and I have other people admire it as well.

So here's to you, all Alfeoy ladies, for being blessed with perfect skin and hair, not to mention hilarious personalities and lots of seafood on Christmas Eve. It is good to be you, and you are beautiful!

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