3 Things- Good news, Fans, and Mario

by - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1. Good news- Today was a day of good news! My Aunt's CA-125 numbers are coming down in a big way, and in the face of that kind of news, basically everything else is just the cherry on top. So many cherries. And sprinkles. And maybe just another cupcake lopped on there to do the sandwich thing. Happy happy happy!
2. Fans, lots of fans- Boy it is hot here. Character Building.
3. Barbara: You know what my favorite part of Mario is?
The Boy: Dying.

Not cool! Funny, but not cool. Also, my real favorite part of Mario is the memory game where they give you presents and you can't die, and he laughs at me every time because I believe that skill (specifically, listening to your heart) is involved.

Also, let the record show I am really good at Mario. The first time we played through, I got over a hundred continues. This time, we are practically to the end and I am only at 60-some. Respect the skill.

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