3 Things for Yesterday- Zoe Saldana, Long Talks, and Collective Mourning

by - Tuesday, August 12, 2014

from www.dailymail.co.uk
1. That Zoe Saldana is never allowed to have fun- She is the most serious dramatic actress of our generation. Unfortunately, they keep casting her in things that are supposed to be funny and light-hearted. The Boy loved Guardians of the Galaxy last night (we had a movie date because our house felt like a million degrees), but I can't help but notice this poor woman is never allowed to have a good time. She was so serious in Avatar, even in Papyrus. She was SO serious in Pirates of the Carribean, in what has to be the weirdest, least necessary scene of the whole film. When you see her on press tours, she seems to be enjoying herself, but the movie camera makes her just so serious.
2. Long talks- yesterday turned out to be a catch up day on my end, and it felt good to just check in with some of the people who I love, and who have been most supportive of us in this tough chapter. I hope I am being a good enough friend to people, because I am lucky to have some great friends in my life.

3. Collectively being sad about this-  I couldn't believe just how sad Robin Williams's death made me yesterday, but after talking to my brother and thinking more about his filmography, I felt like he was just such an important part of our childhood. We LOVED so many of the movies he was in, and he did always have an enthusiastic, but somehow sweet and sad persona. It makes me even sadder, yet comforted, to hear so many other people grappling with a lot of emotion about this particularly death as well. As I read yesterday, it's just like this summer was written by George R. R. Martin- just one horrible thing after another.

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