3 Things for Yesterday- Poluticorn, Pizza Hemming, and

by - Thursday, August 07, 2014

1. "Poluticorn wishes!"- Recyclops is my absolute favorite cold open on The Office. I have been watching the show basically on a loop through my whole pregnancy (I don't know why I am doing this, but Princess Hess said she did the same thing) as comfort noise. I mostly don't even pay attention, but Recyclops makes me laugh every single time. Last night, I laughed so hard I made myself cough. It shouldn't still be funny, but that line always is!
2. The Pure Chaos of Trying to Get my Mom Out the Door- If I could, I would just keep her here with us, but when my Mom has to make a plane (and make it through Seattle traffic) it can be a challenge to convince her she needs to stop hemming our curtains (also, dropping pizza on our curtains just a little bit) and actually leave. The last 2 hours of their visit came with a lot of harsh realizations (my Mom always overplans what she can get done in any given period of time) and a lot of rushing them. Old nails were thrown. Pizza was taken as road food. Nothing was actually finished in a way that is totally endearing and adorable. Now let's hope the hurricane is equally bad at finishing what it starts!
3. Razzi's Pizza Crust- I am not sure if we have found our forever Seattle Pizza place, but I do really like the pizza crust at this place nearby.

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