3 Things for Yesterday- Oshinkoshin Falls, Reflecting on White Privilege, and Work Work Work

by - Friday, August 29, 2014

1. Michael Kenna, Oshinkoshin Falls- This is my favorite thing that I genomed yesterday for Artsy, and I just think it is ridiculous. Michael Kenna does atmospheric landscapes pretty consistently, but his play with snow and the Japanese landscape has quickly risen to be my favorite. I can't get the picture anywhere, but you can check it out on Artsy- https://artsy.net/artwork/michael-kenna-oshinkoshin-falls-utoro-hokkaido-japan
2. A Mother's White Privilege- http://manicpixiedreammama.com/a-mothers-white-privilege/ I have been thinking a lot of these things, as I grow yet another white man in my uterus. We like to think we earn things, but part of the challenge of race (and the ridiculous racial inequality still at play in our country) is there is nowhere to hide from our privilege.  I think the points she makes are solid, but I have been trying to think about what you can actually do with this that isn't condescending or it's own kind of problematic. How do you raise sons who are aware of their privilege and do something about it?
3. Work Days- Is there anything more satisfying than actually making progress? We are getting somewhere, albeit slowly.

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