3 Things for Today- Growing Up, Grappling Mandalas, and the End of Summer

by - Monday, August 18, 2014

1. Prepping for my first time as interviewer- In the past year and a half, I have been on so many job interviews, and I think I have mastered that part. Tomorrow, I have to give an interview to someone who would like to intern for the CoCA archive. Looking forward o learning more about her, and also potentially having an intern! Moving up in the world.

from http://marciawoodgallery.com/artist/peragine/intro.html
2. Joseph Peragine's Grappling Mandala- I love a good wrestling picture. This is not even a little bit a joke. When I shot photos all the way back for my high school yearbook, my favorite events even then to work were wrestling matches because they are just so sensual and awkward, and the bodies do all sorts of beautiful ugly things. Watching wrestling forces you to reflect on what a weird thing the human body is designed to be. I love Peragine's series of paintings for embracing the strangeness and humor of wrestling. Favorite Artsy find for the day.
3. That summer is on the way out- I know so many teachers prepping for the early start, but I am so excited to start my favorite season. Also, it has just reused to stop being hot. Too much, Seattle. Too much.

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