Gussing up in July and What Worked in June

by - Sunday, July 06, 2014

Gussing Up Inspiration

 So, this was the month when things just... popped. I started June easily passing for bun-free, and now all you see is oven. On the bright side, I can finally use some of the maternity style inspiration I had been collecting!

I love these dresses that are basically tight all over, because our generation isn't ashamed of our pregnancy and therefore can avoid mumus. I think it takes all sorts of confidence to wear them, but the women who go for it look really cute to me, so in July, I am hoping to pull off a tight number. I have my class reunion at the end of the month, so I am hoping to wear something like one of these. As you can probably guess, the red number is my favorite.


 I have noticed a lot of these women are also still on heels. I have been kind of afraid to go that route, but the goal is to try it more in July.
I am also all about maxi skirts and long skirts, because they seem so summery. I love the freshness of them.

What Worked in June

 This month, I think I was in that weird space where you can either hide the bump or show it off. I did a little bit of both. I wore some high waisted dresses (like on the right) where you can't tell too much. I also tried embracing the bump with a tight pencil skirt for work, and I really loved how it came out. I am embracing tight now.

 The other strange thing about this moment is that some of my old dresses really work well with the bump, like this orange oldie. I really thought it kept me held in in all the right places, but it also doesn't try to hide anything. Like any other time, you cinch at the waist and you are probably fine.

 On that note, I need to invest in belts, because all I have is the little braided ones. Here it is with a summery maxi dress.

 And here it is with my favorite outfit from the month- high waist green skirt, tight grey t-shirt and long dangly necklace from Peru. It felt like it fit at Fremont Fair and that it mostly looked really pretty. On to the next month of trying to figure this out!

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