3 Things I Love Today- Malala, Bastille, and Blue Eyes

by - Monday, July 14, 2014

from malala.org
1. Malala Day- It is amazing just how much this young woman can make us all feel like schlubs. She is totally inspiring in that she reminds us how vital what we are fighting for is and how rare it still is to children (especially girls) all over the world. I want to be Malala when I grow up.
2. Bastille Day at Bastille- If only we were also listening to Bastille, then we truly could have connected with the French Revolution. Next year, I will make us some berets and mustaches, but considering all things, I am proud that we still celebrated our favorite French holiday today with pommes frites and fancypants French food.
3.Frank Sinatra in From Here to Eternity- I am pretty sure one Monty Clift performance will satisfy you for a lifetime (and let it be Red River), because you just get a bunch of whiny angst, self-seriousness, and Tom Cruise dopplegangertude, but the strange side effect of Clift is that everyone around him seems to be having a great time in comparison. Never has Frank Sinatra doing Frank Sinatra seemed like more fun (and he doesn't live through the movie!). Can someone more writer-y explain to me why the leads are always the worst. In every movie. Also, in my head, Gregory Peck was in that movie, so Burt Lancaster couldn't really stand up. One more off the list, thanks to the Netflix switch.

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