3 Things I Am Grateful For from Yesterday

by - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1. The People you Meet on the Bus- Yesterday, I almost fell down on the bus, but a man in a leather vest with long white hair basically reached out and offered me something to balance on until I sat down. Then, he offered me emotional support (or at least silent agreement) as I talked to my mother on the phone in a way that was truly hilarious. When I spent four hours playing with kids, I didn't expect the cutest person I met all day to be at least 60 and wearing head to toe leather. The morning bus trip also was really nice. Yay for people on Seattle buses.
2. "Reclaiming Homemaker" by Ester Bloom on Slate- A short and smart essay about the politics and negative connotations of the term "Stay at Home Mom." I think the term homemaker is both more complimentary to the women who make that (completely valid) career choice, and avoids some of the assumptions attached to the role that statistically do not apply
3.#iamjada- The internet showed its ugliest side in response to this girl's rape, and to be honest, the media did a poor job handling it (especially in interviews with the victim) but I am so impressed that she refuses to accept it and continues to advocate for herself and others. So inspiring.

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