3 Things for Yesterday

by - Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Sorry Everyone! Life turned out to be much busier/ tech-free than I expected, so I am behind on the blog. So it goes.

1. Ultrasound goo when they first put it on your belly- It's so warm, and the whole event lasts so long that you want to take a nap, so the fresh goo is really nice (in its contributing to wanting to take a nap). Then it gets cold and sticky. The whole experience is pretty odd, and we had a solid time laughing at the awkwardness of it afterwards.
2. Fresh raspberries- Sooo yummy. A good break from the cherries, though I should go eat some cherries now, because I may have bought more even though i still had a lot, and I am going to get cherry embargoed.
3. Man of La Mancha- This documentary on Terry Gilliam's unmade film both debunks and re-enforces some of the commonly held beliefs about the director and how he handles time and money. The ambivalence and weird quiet of the movie really were great, and I can't help but root for him, because everything he makes is so pretty and distinct. Now with the July turnover I have to try to get more things off my list.

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