3 Things for Yesterday- Skype, Felt, and Feel-Goodery

by - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1. Skype meetings- I had my first day at my new job in New York City yesterday from my couch here in Seattle. I love that. What a weird time to be alive, but in a good way.

2. The Boy's latest Bumbo Baby Gort efforts- We can't find a mobile on Etsy that isn't an arm and a leg, so he just had the idea of making the mobile ourselves. Despite my efforts at pinteresting, you wouldn't believe that no one has a template for a zepplin mobile online, so The Boy is sort of working one out (such an engineer) piece by piece with our leftover Christmas ornament felt. I ordered pretty felt online, so I am hopeful that the whole thing comes out really well. No matter what, you have to love a man who grasps onto a project and just runs with it. Also, a man who already knows how to blanket stitch because he helped you make Christmas ornaments last year.

3. This- I am a sucker for these kinds of lists, and I don't care how your day was, reading this will make you feel better about the world. I am feeling motivated to go and help someone tomorrow.

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