3 Things for Yesterday- KUHL & LEYTON, Voortman Cookies, and My Spreadsheets

by - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bernie and Ruth Madoff, 2012- www.artslant.com
1. KUHL & LEYTON- Crime, Infamy, and Celebrity. All in Packing tape. This was my favorite artist find yesterday (they are an American collaboration based out of China now? I love them).

2. Voortman cookies- Thank you to my Dad for sending some of these back with us last weekend, because they are making my week so much happier. Why are these only a thing in the Northeast? Doesn't everyone else deserve delicious wafer cookies?

3. Excel- What does it say about my life changes that I now spend more time on Excel than any other thing on my computer? So many spreadsheets in my life as I catalog for CoCA! Also, I get to meet one of the former directors next week, which I am pretty excited about.

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