3 Beaches to Go to if you Hate to Swim

by - Thursday, July 17, 2014

Eh, I can't think of too many interesting things for yesterday, so let's just do something different.  I love to swim, but the Boy hates it, and I now realize there is a whole sad group of people who feel like he does. Here are some places to go to the beach if you don't actually want to mix with the water.

3. Basically any non-resort beach in Hawaii- I can only speak to the Big Island, but if you like hiking more than swimming, this island may be for you. The beaches you find are beautiful, but the best sights (a green sand beach!) often come with the longest treks, so it can be even more fun for a hiker (with very good shoes- that lava is no joke).
2. Alki Beach in Seattle- Less tropical, you can take the ferry to Alki beach in Seattle, which has a great view of the city and lots of cool places to eat. Swimmer-friendly surf? Not so much. The beach is mostly pebbles and the water is in the Pacific Northwest, so cold. Very cold.

1. Santa Cruz,CA- First of all, if you are swimming in Northern California, you could very well be doing it alone. I think I got in the water once in 5 years of living there (and I love to swim). The water is unrelentingly cold, so you don't often see people out there. This beach compensates with a big boardwalk (often covered in sea lions) and an amusement park. It also has a huge arcade and cotton candy. If you can't find something to get excited about, you really can't blame this city, because they pull off all the stops, embrace the tacky goodness, and have a really pretty set up. 

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