When did Entertainment Weekly Become So Sexist?

by - Friday, June 20, 2014

all the images on this post are from ew's pinterest page, which leads back to popwatch.ew.com

 I just noticed the upcoming cover for Entertainment Weekly (and you can see the uncensored version online in case you really need to see Anna Paquin's butt one more time), and has anyone else noticed how incredibly sexist they have been this year? I used to really like EW; they wrote funny recaps and sometimes really insightful articles, but now they have fired a bunch of their staff and seem to be supplementing their lack of content with scantily-clad women (a lot of boobs) and fully dressed men (let me know if you can find one where even their necks are showing).

So, I am done giving them my money or attention. I mean, if you are really making the argument that the most interesting thing to see this summer is Jessica Alba in a bikini and Jennifer Lawrence's boob (I mean, do you see how they formatted that text?), I just don't care what else you have to say. Don't believe me that someone new is clearly making these (bad) editorial choices- compare these two Lawrence covers and how her chest now takes center stage. This is the same person, same body, but the priorities of what you see have clearly changed...

It comes back to that age-old adage "If your product was any good, you wouldn't need sexism to sell it."  They can do better, and so can I, so unless they get their stuff together and just stop it, I am done with this magazine. Gross.

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