Ideas for Soon to Be Father's Day

by - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This year, we are in that awkward phase where we know we are going to be parents, but we aren't parents yet, so we have gotten a lot of opinions in either direction about whether we are supposed to celebrate or not. You know, I always think it is better to go for it and celebrate. The trick here is that Bumbo Fetus is not yet capable of crafting, so we can't exactly be giving each other the typical holiday experience. I was in Pennsylania for ours, so we didn't celebrate, but The Boy did give me a purse/camera/diaper bag hybrid that I love so much that I am afraid to use it (perhaps when carrying around diapers would be less creepy?).

This weekend is Father's Day (or Pre-Father's Day for the Boy), so I have to get my ducks in a row. I think my best idea is to celebrate irresponsibility, to enjoy the last summer where we can sleep in and just do what we want when we want without it mattering to much of anyone. Appreciating what you have in the present before you trade it in.

So What do you Do?

We will be in Los Angeles for Father's Day, so we are having breakfast with my brother and cousin and spending the day in the airport. So maybe not the most fun day ever, but I think there could be pretty cute things to do. Here are my ideas:

-Have a day just laying around. Sleep in, have brunch in bed, just be as lazy as humanly possible.

-Have a day playing video games (maybe without me since I mostly play games at a small child's level).

-Finish a project he wanted to do on the house while it is still easy to do so.

-Go on an adventure while it is still easy to do so.

-Go anywhere while it is still easy to do so.

Gift Ideas

First of all, can I trust you all to not say anything to him for a week? 

My ideas were all about fun stuff he loves that I know will get cut into. I thought about buying board games, because he loves them, but I know in no time the games that will be brought in will be kid-focused.

I also thought about making a coupon book for free passes for once the baby comes. I know there are romantic ones, but I think this could be a little more fun. For example, a free pass to go play video games with his brother for an evening without me giving him too many dirty looks. A free pass to sleep in one Saturday and I will get up with the baby. A free pass to get off diaper duty for one day. I think this could be fun, or it could fill him with fear for sad realities he hasn't really processed yet? I can't decide if this is kind or cruel.

all three from
 I also thought about doing some cool kitchen gadget, because he loves that kind of thing. He likes cooking alright, but I think he loves having new toys to play with more. Think Geek always has something cool to play with. I also thought about a tablet or phone holder for in the kitchen, since he uses those for his recipes often.


What I ended up doing, based on advice from his brother, was to get him the new Gameboy and Pokemon games. How much less mature could you get? I love it, I think it is giddy geeky fun, and I think it might come in handy when we spend hours in that hospital! Thank you Carlo for the help!

So tell me, did you celebrate Mother's or Father's Day before you became parents? What would you do for this holiday?

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