Gussing Up Inspiration for June and What Worked in May

by - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Feeling Inspired By

It's not clear to me whether I will be into more maternity looks this month. I thought I would last month, but I seem to be occupying the middle ground a long time. Rather than focusing on that, I thought I would focus on shoes and jewelry. I think one of my goals for the summer is to put more of my jewelry to use. I have so much cool stuff that I basically never wear, so my goal for June is to really take advantage of what I already own. Here are a few inspiration pictures:


What Worked

 May was all about dressing around my growing middle. In month three of being pregnant, I couldn't wear anything cute and prego-like yet, but I also didn't feel like I looked right in most of my regular clothes. To be honest, it is disconcerting, because even though I know that the growth is good, I feel panicked when I can't fit into my clothes. On the bright side, I have always worked with a cushy middle that I kind of love (and always will- my mom ran marathons with her pooch), so I have a rather large collection of things that still worked.

There weren't many new additions to the wardrobe this month.  I got the bangs back so I could look a little more intentional and on point, even if my clothes were funky. Like any good set of bangs, they only work to this end for about ten minutes before things get janky, but they were cute. I also bought two big tunics that would basically cover me no matter what happened (because you just don't know when things will get out there).

 We went to Paige's graduation, where I wore my beloved Ralph Lauren polka dot halter dress. To put it into perspective, I also wore this dress to my and The Boy's college graduation. It is mega-forgiving, a classy length, and may or may not be held together with clothes pins on one side. Worth it.

 Other than that, I wore a lot of waist-ed and loosey goosey business, so the belly wasn't too on display. I especially love the American Eagle dress, which has an empire waist and very cooperative ruffles. American Eagle dresses also last half of forever, so I think that is a solid win.

I read online that in the 2nd trimester (which started for me mid-May) you should go for tighter, more fitted stuff, so I tried it when we went out to the Dinner Detectives. I thought I was getting baby curvy enough to pull it off, but I don't think I was really there yet. It was a ballsy move, but I am not sure it worked, so I have been keeping away from the fitted digs since then. I will come back to it, but maybe not even in June, depending on whether I pop or not. We will see!

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