9 Great Things from a Quick Trip to LA

by - Monday, June 16, 2014

1. bell hooks Teaching to Transgress- One of my favorite books of all time, though now it makes me sad to be out of academia. She raises the bar and reminds her reader of how powerful, political, and important it is to learn and to teach. I want to be bell hooks when I grow up.

2. The Honey Moon- We got to see it from up on the plane, and it looked pretty yellow to me. It was the prettiest a flight over Los Angeles has ever been. Usually, it makes me think about overpopulated dystopias and what is going to happen to humanity (only sort of joking, from an airplane that city just seems to sprawl on forever in every direction).
3. That I still have no idea where I am in LA, but I am impressed that things are open all the time everywhere- We have visited that city a lot. Maybe more than any other city, because my brother has lived there for 6 years. I still have no idea we are close to his place until about a block away. I am still always surprised when I see something I recognize. The city is big, and to me, it makes no sense, but in a weirdly charming way. Thomas is also a big walker, so we have seen a lot of the city by foot. I could still not tell you how to get anywhere, except maybe the grocery store from my brother's apartment (it is next door). Also, even when you get to the city at 11:30 like we did on Friday, there is still horrible traffic in some places and a really solid percentage of businesses are open. It feels like the city is always awake, regardless of the time (Seattle goes to bed).

 4. The LA Zoo- I thought it may not be that great, since the internationally beloved San Diego Zoo isn't all that far away. I was wrong. The LA Zoo is small, but not too small. It feels like the right size for an afternoon activity (we saw it all and had lunch in 4 and a half hours), which is probably actually the right size for taking a small child places. It also has really beautiful plant life and holds its own as a botanical garden. Lastly, we learned that my brother is a gifted primate whisperer. They come when he calls them.

5. The Elephant Statues (but no actual elephants) at the LA Zoo- When they opened the beautiful elephant exhibition, it looks like they may have actually paraded these beautiful elephant statues around the park.Now they decorate the whole central area. Strangely, we didn't see any actual elephants, so it felt a bit like false advertising, but it still looked beautiful.
6. Menchie's spoons-All frozen yogurt places are basically the same, right? But Menchies has cuter spoons, so you can't really fight with that. They have little yogurt men on the top of them.
7. Family Breakfasts- If you can't be with your dad on Father's day, at least being able to call him with your brother is pretty nice. I also loved having breakfast with Thomas and one of our cousins, Eli, and everyone's significant others. I was worried how it would go, because they always drove each other crazy as kids, but I think everyone had a good time. It's hard to be crabby at Ihop (but it is easy to be crabby at 8 on a weekend morning... so it was a tricky balance to keep).
8. Ford's Filling Station-LAX is the worst, and Terminal 5 has tiny bathrooms considering the size of the crowd (I was in line long enough to make a friend and share life stories), but in typical LA fashion, they have lots of cool and healthy choices for lunch. Ford's filling station had especially yummy chips and salads. I would definitely eat there again.

9. Dads! Especially these four.

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