6 Things for Friday and Saturday- F stop, Mario, and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

by - Sunday, June 29, 2014

1. Playing with my f stop- I have been feeling inspired by my friend Jenny to step up my photography game on this blog and for the parasite, so the first step is spending so much time in manual that I can deal with all elements quickly. I keep seeing that Canon has a setting where you can play with the aperature and it will adapt everything else accordingly, but Nikon doesn't play that game in the same way, so I just have to get on top of the whole thing.
2. That I never have to watch The Good The Bad and The Ugly again- I do not get why Clint Eastwood is even a thing. Like how did this man maintain a career for years and years? He and Kristen Stewart use all of the same techniques, and it grates my nerves.
3. Playing Mario with The Boy- We are playing Mario again, and it really has been fun. I think it is how we are coping with a new lack of immediate disasters to deal with. But then we have immediate disasters again and I miss Mario. Such is life. Friday I jut felt really grateful for family and for a partner who is there for his, even from across the country.
4. Putting together the deck furniture- Depending on whether it decides to rain or not, I will put up a picture when we finish it off. The stuff turned out really cute, and our yard, more than anything else in our house, feels like someone else's space. Specifically, someone who is way more grown up and fancy than we are (though this has to be one of the biggest furniture wins we have had since moving in).
5. Grilled chicken sandwich- red onion, avocado, tomato, grilled bread, delicious. Did not feel bad at all to miss out on the hamburger action. So glad the grill is out and ready to use!
6. Programmer's lack of spatial reasoning- Watching three Microsoft employees play Carcassone blew my mind. These people make too much money in a year to not be able to solve simple puzzles. Their visual intake is so slow, and I find it hilarious.

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