6 Happy Things for the Weekend

by - Sunday, June 08, 2014

1. Getting our new mattress! And Sheets! We have a fully functioning bedroom now, so  that is a big win in our household (which we could really use). The room still needs a lot of work, but it may need the least work of any room in the house, so it may have just leaped into the lead as my favorite!

2.  Sushi dates- The Boy makes me happy. Even happier when pickled ginger and wasabi get involved. I miss being able to eat most of the sushi that I love, but I will take what I can get!
3. Browsing Babymoons-I am not sure this needs to be a thing, but goodness knows, I never turn down an opportunity to travel. I don't know how women get through this thing without serious travel panic (what if our spawn has uncooperative ears for airplanes?), so I could not be more excited about this idea.
4. A friend who offers to come help- I seriously doubt he would do it again after the draining super long staining process, but this is already a big difference between our life in California and our life here in Washington. Sometimes, just having someone willing to be extra manpower (especially when I can't do some steps) can make you feel so much less lonely on your little island in the world.

5. That this is almost done- Staining a deck is a pain and a bummer, but we aren't even finished yet, and the yard already looks better. It's also funny how if you sand every piece of wood on the deck, you feel like you know your deck so much better. I swear that eventually getting house stuff done won't be the only thing that I am excited about, but for now, we are still fighting that battle pretty constantly. A good chunk of every weekend is some house project. People keep telling me it won't be like this forever, and I feel pumped for that day already.

6. A fire pit and this view- It is unreal how beautiful the view from The Boy's friend's house is. This may be the nicest, most beautiful place I have ever played backgammon, to be sure. It's hard to complain about your weekend when this is a part of it.

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