6 Happy Things for this Weekend

by - Monday, June 02, 2014

1. Finding our new farmers' market! We noticed some real differences between California and Washington markets. They are a lot meatier, which kind of makes sense since hipsters in Seattle look like the lumberjack version of San Franciscans. But there are lots of stands with coolers filled with meat. We were too intimidated to dig into that this time, but maybe 6 months from now? They also have a lot more prepared stuff like soups and such. And you can buy whole plants! All in all, I was psyched about it. We needed a win after this shitty week, and this took the crown.
2. Getting cards from my Mom- Sometimes, it is the little things.

3. Picnics at Greenlake Park- Who doesn't love eating BLT's and watching a grown man almost fall into a lake? Perfect date.
4. Cleaning out our yard- 6 hours of weed pulling and our yard has been freed from the viney things that were choking out all the other plants. It was kind of fun, weirdly (minus listening to The Boy's music for that long- how much Killers does any activity need?), but I am sore now.
5. Primo Mozarella- mozarella from Safeway shouldn't be this good, but it is currently the best thing ever. I am going to be on an all tomato salad diet all summer. Our child will be born smelling like mozarella and balsamic vinegar (come on, that would be super exciting).

from http://jezebel.com/this-photo-shoot-proves-all-bodies-are-bikini-bodies-1584476505?utm_campaign=socialflow_jezebel_facebook&utm_source=jezebel_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
6. This picture- Robin Lawley, Gabbi Gregg, and the Swimsuits for All brand collaborated on a gorgeous and unexpected swimsuit calendar, and I am obsessed with how pretty this image is. It reminds me of my trips to Hawaii- I always wuss out and don't wear my two piece, then inevitably see some really curvaceous Hawaiian girl out on the beach looking absolutely amazing in a tiny bikini, and I wonder what the hell my issue is. When you read magazines, it always seems like if you are any shape but skinny, you should be in a one piece, but these pictures beg to differ, and they are right!

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