6 Happy Things for Monday and Tuesday

by - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

1. The Glass Menagerie- Oh Katharine Hepburn. You are an unstoppable national treasure.
2. Non-alcoholic Strawberry margaritas- I have been lusting over the mixed drinks that are goming up on every menu now that the weather is getting summery. After helping The Boy back into his car last night, we walked to the Mexican place in Green Lake, and I finally asked for a virgin version. It is not as good, but it is pretty much as good, right? It's sweet and bad for me!
3. Claire Underwood- The show grates my nerves (really, yet another stupid person he will now immediately outsmart?), but she gets better and better. They better thank their lucky stars that they cast Robin Wright, because she destroys that role.
4. Any toddler who refers to him/herself by his/her full name- I met a 4 year old yesterday who referred to himself by his full name the entire time we played. He also told me all about the dinosaurs who live in the Space Needle, so I am not sure if that gemtlemen could be trusted. I enjoyed it anyway.
5. Corn, asparagus, and peas- Why do they go so well together??? All three make me so happy.

from bookbrothel.com
6. Bagombo Snuff Box- I have a pile of books people bought me that I still need to read, and I am so happy to have reached this gem of his first short stories, which are mostly just fun. In the beginning, he  writes about his life as a writer (do you know he didn't have any real success as a writer until he was in his 40's? That makes me feel better about my jolted career. He also writes about his sister, who he writes everything to, even now that she has passed away, and I understand exactly what he means.

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