4th of July Inspiration 2014

by - Thursday, June 26, 2014

4th of July provides an opportunity to step up your picnicking game. This year, we are staying in Seattle for the 4th and watching the fireworks at our friend's house with the epic view of Lake Union. So, most of my ideas are about what we could bring with us to the party. I think committing to holidays, if they mean something to you, is really important; holidays are another time to appreciate and be grateful, so I try to do that with some real ooomph!

The Boy wants to bring one of those watermelon fruit salads with us, because they always look awesome but we have never tried it. I suspect they are slightly out of our league, but I am excited to try anyway!

from lilsugar.com
Come on, that is so cute! The toothpicks make the whole thing seem a little more intimidating (apparently I have a fear of porcupines), but it actually is sort of genius for a party where you don't know people well, and therefore you probably don't want to share cooties with them.

from  whatdresscodeblog.com
 Somebody who does this for a living must have done this one. It makes no sense that an adult with anything else to do would decide to go this big and elaborate with the Watermelon bowl. But maybe it's an addiction and you always have to top yourself?
from helloadorable.com
 My favorite. Will it embarrass the boy if we show up with this in tow? And how can we make it more patriotic?

from flickr.com
Wha?!?!? Ok, not a chance we could ever pull this off. I am only sharing it with you so that you can share in my sudden overwhelming feelings of inadequacy.

from weelicious.com
Or we could just do cute fruit kebabs. I have lots of cookie cutters to choose from.

I would like to do some actual baking and make cupcakes. Maybe something really light with berries? There are so many good ideas for this on pinterest.
from  99cooking.net
I love the look of these and their simplicity. Has anyone ever tried making angel food cupcakes before? Does it work? My efforts at angel food cake have mostly ended up gross sugar quiches, so I don't know that I would try this on the day.
from twobusyblondes.com
These are basically the cutest things I have ever seen. Someday, I am doing these.

from sugarandcharm.com
This is probably more my speed. I will come up with something in this arena- colored cake, light frosting, and some fruit. I will be sure to share what I come up with.

We desperately need more decorations in the house, because there is just so much more house here! At least it feels that way. Other than a sign and a garland, we don't have much, because we so often go home for this holiday. Here are a few craft ideas I liked.

from chickenscratchny.com
from goodhousekeeping.com
I love all the variations on fireworks, so I may try something like these ideas tomorrow to have a centerpiece in the dining room.
from heritageschoolhouse.blogspot.com
I love the combination of the flags and the very simple (and cheap) flowers. I don't want to put a ton of money into this, but I do want the patriotic spirit to permeate our spaces a little more.

I also wonder if The Boy and I can come up with some great red, white, and blue Popsicles to eat the week leading up to the holiday (I am hoping he brings back his raspberry ones at some point, because fresh raspberries make the best frozen treats). Here are a few suggestions for that:
from theviewfromgreatisland.com
 These look so impressive to me, but it seems like they are pretty simple when you look at the instructions.
from  theeverygirl.com
I kind of like the look of these better, they look almost tie-dye, so you could use them for so many picnicky summery events.

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