30 Day Challenge- Day 23

by - Thursday, June 12, 2014

 Day 23- Someone whose positive thoughts shine out of their face- Rochelle

First of all, I have to say that this is one that could apply to so many women that I love, but no one displays the beauty of positivity and peace as well as my cousin Shelly. Rochelle is a person who genuinely looks radiant, has the biggest bright smile, and even in the face of some really huge heartbreaks, that positivity and joy has carried her through.

Shelly and I were born two months apart to sisters who couldn't be closer (though they were geographically spread even then). I am the brunette on the left and Rochelle is the blond on the right in both pictures. When we were growing up, I think we were treated as more than cousins, especially because our mothers split with our fathers and really depended on each other. Rochelle, TP, and I were very often together playing.

I have very distinct memories (perhaps aided by  video documentation) of Thomas and I being up and playing while Shelly was still at the table finishing food because she talked through the whole meal. That girl always has something to say and a story to tell. She has always been an enthusiastic communicator, and she really cares what she is talking about. Rochelle and I can talk on the phone for hours at a time, and she never runs out of things to tell me. I really love that about her, because I can always sort of see her face being really excited to tell me about this new thing that's been on her mind. Also, I can imagine her running around the house after her two year old (I love talking to moms on the phone- toddlers stop for no one!) Shelly is empathetic and open, and even when she tries to play it close to the sleeve, you can tell how she is feeling by the look on her face. I really like that about her.

Shelly's mom, who maybe is the more stylish one (sorry mom!) always dressed Shell, and my mom let us dress ourselves, so Shelly always looked put together and cute (whereas sometimes, my socks matched). Shelly still has an easy, clean, and bright style. Part of why I think she can have that peace is that she has a good sense of who she is and what works for her, and she always looks put together. Shelly is very beautiful, has great eyes, and always looks nice, but I think the most beautiful thing about her is her smile. She has a really genuine smile that is a whole face operation.

I have noticed that many of the people in the Moffitt family are future-oriented; they think about their lives in terms of plans.My mom and brother are that way, and Shelly is definitely that way. Even though she is younger, Shelly has always seemed older than me, because she is so ready for the next step and I am always clinging to the step before (just like our childhood outfits- she has it held together, and i am trying this crazy thing). I am perfectly happy to let her be a few steps ahead, and I am even happier to hear her plans for the steps to come. I think it fuels her chattiness (the future is always coming, so there are always things to plan for) and her positive attitude. She always has her eyes on the thing to look forward to.

She definitely put a lot of thought and hope into her future wedding, her future marriage, and her future family, and when she met the right guy (who really is perfect for her), she knew it was exactly what she wanted. I think relationships have always been the most important thing to Shelly, and I think her relationship with her husband remains her firm first priority. Her thinking about relationships will also make her a great counselor. Shelly and her mom have always been really good at paring down all the excess stuff and really focusing on their top priorities, and I think this intentional focus really contributes to their success at staying positive and prepared for the future.

When Shelly did get married, she was one of the calmest, happiest brides I have ever been a bridesmaid for. She just seemed so peaceful the whole day. I remember being blown away that she wasn't more nervous, but on the day she totally handled all of the attention with grace and happiness. Shelly can handle these big events with quiet joy. Plus, she looked super pretty.

In the past two years, I have noticed that Shelly handles the hard things that come along with similar grace. She has gone through a number of really awful situations, and I am always impressed by her emotional fortitude in these times. She has enough courage to go through it, really feeling what is happening, and I think that courage comes from the belief that it will be ok soon enough. She looks forward so much, and I think that helps, but I think the deepest source of her positivity is her faith. She has such strong faith in God, and even when things are hard, she knows the promises ahead of her. Because I have known her for so long and seen her go through so much, it is this strength and courage that masks itself as peace and positivity that I find most beautiful about her character. That smile is well-earned and well-supported by God's grace. That grace shines right out of her smile.

It has also been fun to see Shelly become a mom herself, because it just seems so grown up! As her son gets older, I can see he is silly and hilarious in many of the ways his momma has made me laugh since I was not much bigger than him (he is also very chatty, just likes being around people a lot, and has a really great, whole-faced smile as well. She is obviously a great mom, and she really enjoys it, and I am so happy for her for that. Plus, I like hanging out with Liam, because he says "Please" better than anyone. Shelly has been incredibly blessed, with so much faith and love in her life, and it couldn't be more beautiful to see her so happy.

So here's to you, Rochelle Marie, Princess, for having the courage to wear your heart on your sleeve, for having a big smile to match your big green eyes, for always seeming so grown up, even though you are younger than me, for being able to fill endless hours with conversation (I don't feel like I have ever hit a limit!), for always looking put together, for having a levity that pulls you through things that get us lesser beings down, for knowing your own limits, for hilariously talking to your son and dogs while you talk to me, for keeping life simple and knowing your priorities, for being such a cutie that you even pulled off your awkward phase well, for being the world's calmest bride, for always having plans, for being the only Moffitt female who can actually cook, and for consistently demonstrating the joy that comes from faith, you are just gorgeous. You are beautiful and one of the few people in the world who is just home to me. Also, you look damn cute pregnant (while I look like myself in middle school, minus all the listening to Hanson with you). Way to raise the bar, girl.

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