3 Things for Yesterday- Planner Shopping, Calls to Act, and the African Queen

by - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

1. Looking at Planners- I have used the same Paper Source academic planner for 3 years, and I like it, but maybe it is time to switch it up? I have been looking around at other options, because I think I will keep using an academic planner at least for now. It seems to always fit into the shape of our year better than a regular January- December one. Plus, by this time of year, I feel ready for a fresh start (I definitely feel this way this time, hence looking in June when I won't get to start it until August). The College Prepster offered some good suggestions, and there are even more in the comments. I also really liked the Emily Ley planners. I am not sure I can justify shelling out too much for a planner, especially since so much of the 2014-2015 year, the plan will be to survive. Still, not much tops a fresh new planner, so I am excited.
2. "It's time to listen to the voices of women and girls"-  I love this article and some of the issues it raises, which are often ignored in the dialogues about sexual violence, especially in areas of conflict. I feel like there is so much good momentum here.
3. The African Queen and clam chowder- It was a night for the classics in our house, and it made me pretty happy. The African Queen is number 17 on the AFI Top 100, and I still think it is underrated, somehow. It is the best romantic comedy ever where the man calls the woman "old girl" and they get involved in international conflict. It's my mom's favorite movie of all time, and man she has good taste.

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