3 Things for Yesterday- Muybridge Gifs, Summer Sanders, and Pencil Skirts

by - Thursday, June 26, 2014

from http://www.buzzfeed.com/angelameiquan/muybridge-photographs-reinvented-as-animated-gifs-70fn
 1. Muybridge Gifs- I think I may have posted these before, but I still love them, so here they are again. Eadward Muybridge made his reputation capturing multiple points in a motion through photography (you know his horses, if nothing else), and though I would take a Marey photograph over his any day (they are just so pretty), these efforts to turn Muybridge photos into gifs shows how they definitely belong in the heritage of film. Not to mention a lot of them are just really stinking cute (twirl girl, twirl!).
2.Summer Sanders loves her sister-in-law- I have been doing this workout video about every other day, and I like that the two women seem to genuinely like each other. Kind of like Tonya and Gina. I will never love exercising, but I enjoy it a lot more when the people in the videos seem to enjoy just being around each other.

3. Prego pencil skirts- I saw a YBPlain blog entry about wearing pencil skirts and thought that I kind of miss mine, so I took a leap and wore one to the gallery yesterday. I was pretty proud I could even still fit into one, and I thought it looked shockingly cute. Will be playing with this strategy some more while I am only minorly bumpy.

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