3 Things for Yesterday- Moms, Resumes and Eulogies, and the Lost Stylus

by - Wednesday, June 18, 2014

from Buzzfeed
1. The Mom who went to her daughter's graudation in the dress that sent her home- I first read about this story on feministing, but I guess it landed on Buzzfeed first (has anyone else noticed that Buzzfeed is like inescapable now. I feel like I get sent back there like one a day). This senior was sent home for this "revealing" dress at the end of her week, so her mom wore the same thing to her graduation. There is some obvious humor here, but it is nice to see a parent sticking up for her child in that way, because really, this dress is not particularly salacious. It really highlights how young girls are shamed for their bodies and dressing early on when honestly, if you have a problem with this dress, the problem is you.
2. "Should you live for your resume or your eulogy?"- http://tedxjacksonville.com/portfolio/david-brooks-should-you-live-for-your-resume-or-your-eulogy/ - Yesterday was one of those day where I didn't feel like I was making much progress in either front, honestly, but this video helped put my current lack of gainful employment back into perspective.
3. The Lost Stylus- I bought the Boy a gameboy for Pre-Father's Day, and he used it for the first time last night. Of course, he lost the stylus. We searched and searched for probably 45 minutes, and he got more and more frazzled, until he gave up and I kept looking for another half hour. Never found it. Then, as we went to bed he found it.

Behind his own ear.

This was my favorite moment of the whole day. Some things are just funny.

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