3 Things for Yesterday- Art Journaling, Grant Writing, and So Much Jimmy Stewart

by - Friday, June 20, 2014

1. Starting an Art Journal- I am really excited about this project idea, which I may turn into its own blog, except that I don't know that there is an audience for it, and I already write a blog like that (welcome!). I wonder if there are other people out there who feel bored creatively and could use some prompts to get them going, but if anything, i have the sense most people are really busy, and I just need to learn to manage this transitional phase in my life. I am going to make more stuff.
2. Finishing my part of grant writing- I have been working on a grant all week, so it felt good to cross this off my to do list. I don't have too many things left on my to do list for the week, so today I can focus on some odds and ends left over from a while ago.
3. Anatomy of a Murder (and how it shows how little we have learned when talking about rape)- The film is interesting because we establish at the beginning that Jimmy Stewart is defending someone who is definitely guilty, but we root for him anyway. It's a very grey movie, and though it is slow, I could definitely see why it is so popular in law schools. What I appreciated the most about it was that one of the characters, a rape victim, is questioned in many of the same ways we still read about rape victims being questioned- how was she dressed, how were they getting along before, what is her reputation- in other words, was she asking for it? It's depressing to see how little the narrative has changed, but it is also instructive to see it at work and for the final conclusion to be that she was definitely victimized by this person, now matter how she was dressed.

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