3 Things for Yesterday- Albert Brooks, Seattle Weekly Summer, and a New Fridge

by - Thursday, June 19, 2014

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1. The mysterious sexiness of Albert Brooks in Broadcast News- I don't get it, but to me, this is the least believable love triangle of all time. The other guy is so slow, and Brooks is just funny and on point and a whip. I get that the pining friend role should not end in a relationship, but it is hard not to love this man. I can see why they resolved it the way they did, it is really the only believable solution to the problem. Also, Jane Craig is an awesome heroine, and the whole film is so 80's, I an barely stand it. Still, Albert Brooks! Who knew?
2. Seattle Weekly's Summer Calendar- I have been planning dates for us to try to make our life a little more fun and a little less house drama (I mean, it will get easier eventually, right? It basically has to), and Seattle Weekly has the most extensive lists of what''s going on that I have ever seen.
3. A working fridge! Well, it seems to be working so far. And it looks very new. Of course, they couldn't take the old fridge away like they were supposed to, because that would be too easy, so we won't get rid of that for a few more days. I am choosing to be grateful that we can have cold milk, and the symbol of our move's unending silliness will be gone soon enough.

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