3 Happy Things for Yesterday- Provolone, Pressed Flowers, and Finishing the House of Cards

by - Friday, June 06, 2014

1.Jimmi John's provolone cheese-  Was stuck on Aurora in Bitterlake for hours yesterday, and all that there is to eat there is a doughnut place, a coffee place, and a Jimmi John's. Turns out that they only serve cold sandwiches, which is not so great right now, but I had a blt with cheese (??) and the cheese was really good.

2. The Random things you find in an archive- This time, I read about succulents, found out David Wojnarovicz performed at CoCA, and in a never visited corner, found a binder filled with dried pressed flowers. It is beautiful, and it photographed really well between the layers of plastic, but why would a Center of Contemporary Art need such a thing? I left it out with a note to see if any of the more seasoned staff members could justify its existence. No luck thus far, but I hope it ends up being something cool, or else why? Just why?
3. Finishing the House of Cards- Ugh, that show. On the other hand, Claire Underwood. Always Claire Underwood.

Bonus- Surgeries that go Well, the Miracle of my Mother's Frequent Flier Miles, and Hearing my Aunt Ann's voice a day after her surgery.

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