3 Happy Things for Yesterday- Fashion Toddlers, Laverne Cox, and Botched Facsimiles

by - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1. Yellow pants, a neckerchief, and bright blue crocs- Sometimes, a child comes into the Children's Museum, and they just take the fashion to another level. Then, they sing to themselves (I think in Japanese?) while they help you take apart construction materials. I would love to give that child a round of applause, because he was a joy.
2. Laverne Cox's incredible grace on her publicity tour- I know I have talked about this before, but watching Cox handle Wendy Williams, who is kind of a jerk anyway, and her really inappropriate and even cruel questions (come on, you don't have to be an expert to know transgender is not a noun) was awe inspiring. I mean, she killed it, coming off as down to Earth and funny, never openly taking offense, being cautious to only speak for herself and to say experiences are individual, and really being a person you can root for. Cox is a master public speaker. She was born to do this, and it is hard not to be in awe of her poise ( I know she returned to Katie this week as well, but I haven't watched that yet). Kudos to Cox for setting the bar.
3. Our attempt to make the Chairman's coca-cola braised pork sandwich- it did not go well, but we tried! We will try again in the future, but last night I was just proud that we made a serious effort. Being willing to keep trying new things helps you grow, right? Eating burnt pork, probably less good for growth, but I am sure it is character-building!

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