3 Happy Things for Yesterday- The Cool Girl, Steampunk, and Getting (the little) Shit Done

by - Thursday, June 05, 2014

1. Ann Helen Petersen's Article on Jennifer Lawrence and the History of "The Cool Girl" on Buzz Feed- Check it out here. Petersen treats the obsession with Jennifer Lawrence (the article was written back in February) as part of a larger historical phenomena, and the contextual framing is both funny and helpful. It also shows how coolness has changed over time, while maintaining it's roots in being "one of the guys."
2. Janet Crosier on Steampunk- She was not impressed. I enjoyed it.
3.Finishing very very old projects- Is there a better feeling than finishing something? Also, learning how to knit blankets, though I have not found a yarn store nearby in Seattle. I miss having a Michael's a mile away.

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